Gourmet Food - Handmade Blini Canape, French Style Blini Mix, Creme Fraiche


Handmade Mini Cocktail Blini- You haven't had blinis till you tried our delicious exclusive recipe for blinis. These blini are ideal for serving Caviar, Crab, Egg salad, Cheese, pates, etc... The re-usable and tamper proof containers allow for a generous portion of 320 grams. Simply defrost desired amount and freeze again for later. Our exclusive mini blini are larger than regular and allow for a more generous looking appetizer. Caviar is usually enjoyed on top of these mini toasts along with Crème fraîche

French-style Crème Fraîche - Cream has a rich, nutty flavor that accompanies caviar perfectly. Crème fraîche is a basic pantry item found across European kitchens and recently in top American events.

Basic Mini Blini (aprox 10-12 Blinis)

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Basic Blini Blini Canape Buy Blini Online

Mini Blini Canape Bulk Size (aprox 40 Blinis)

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Classic Mini Blini Bulk Blini Canape

Gluten Free Blini (8 Pieces)

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Gluten Free Blini

Seaweed Wraps Pack

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Seaweed Wraps

Fresh Chives and Veggies

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Chives For Sale Fresh Chives for Caviar

French Style Crème Fraîche

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 Creme Fraiche
Creme Fraiche Price

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